Visualize Student Feedback.

Check-in with students and visualize their understanding. Create a reflective classroom, adjust lessons, and start conversations with the students that need it most.

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“ConquerED helps me visualize my performance and shows if I need to make a change.” - Student that uses ConquerED
Make checking-in easy.
Simplify Daily Feedback Students complete a simple check-in every day to give teachers feedback and to reflect on their understanding for the day. ConquerED makes checking-in simple, quick, and meaningful.
Reflect on Progress Students can review their understanding of the previous days, weeks, or units, and reflect on progress. These moments allow an opportunity to celebrate hard work and be critical of areas still in need of improvement.
Learn where to look.
ConquerED visualizes student and classroom understanding over time -- making it easy for teachers to see what lessons are helpful and which require more support for students.
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Know your students well.
Organize Feedback Learn which classes are excelling and which need support. ConquerED helps break down student check-ins in a way that supports teachers and their ability to improve learning through feedback.
Stay Connected Get to know individual students by visualizing their understanding. ConquerED helps teachers differentiate lessons and start conversations around how to improve instruction for students.