Visualize Student Progress.

Prove to students they can achieve anything. ConquerED displays progress toward individual goals and measures the effect of strategies created to meet them.

Conquered Screenshot
“ConquerED helps me visualize my performance and shows if I need to make a change.” - Student that uses ConquerED
Built for growth.
Strategies Set goals, track progress, and reflect. ConquerED allows students to see the effect of their effort and enables teachers to monitor the progress at a classroom or individual level.
Reflections Students can review the strategies they have implemented and reflect on their progress. These moments allow an opportunity to celebrate hard work and be critical of areas still in need of improvement.
Seeing is believing.
ConquerED takes every piece of performance data and visualizes it -- making it extremely easy to see the cause/effect of strategy changes.
Grade Goal
A vital tool for all educators.
Make Feedback Meaningful Give your students individualized feedback to help them reach their goals. Praise them for their successes and coach them to develop strategies that improve their weaknesses.
Stay Connected Educators can see class performance by class, hour, or by student -- giving you critical information needed to reflect and improve lessons, units, and overall understanding of your students.